Sleigh Bells ring.

A common theme that I think you will see in these blogs as I write them is my utmost admiration for the trailer house of Mark Woollen and Associates.  The only reason I have not blogged about every trailer they have done since I started blogging is because I started training for a triathlon and blogging got pushed to the side for a bit (I apologize to my one or two readers. HA!) Oh how I wish I could have worked for them when I was in the trailer world.  But, oh well, regrets are for boring people who can’t look ahead.

I would first like to start out by saying what a perfect music choice.  Even the title of the song “Crown on the Ground” is a perfect metaphor for the Bling Ring story.  And, Sleigh Bells are an amazing band.  One of those bands I never heard about until I saw them perform last year at FYF Fest in LA and was immediately hooked.  Much like the experience I had with Turbonegro and now I have a Turbonegro inspired tattoo on my arm.  But, I digress.

This is what a Teaser should be, period.  One sentence (“Let’s go shopping”) to sum up what we are about to see and then visual candy and hot out of control teenagers, reeking havoc and having an amazing time with no consequences, until you get a taste of their world about to collapse.  All done in quick music video style cuts to give you enough information to give you a brief glimpse into the world that you are going to enter and a taste at the journey that will unfold.  But nothing more.  A perfect tease.  And, I loved how they used the car accident to start unraveling the downfall of the Bling Ring.  A perfect transition.  And setting it to an energetic song that sums it all up perfectly.  Mark Woollen and Associates… you do damn fine work.

The tease also gave us a glimpse into Emma Watson’s portrayal of Alexis Neiers.  A young hot teenager who’s Paris Hilton-esk existence makes you kind of sick, while also hooking your interests into seeing what the life of a perfect rich teenager in Beverly Hills is all about.  Especially one who ends up in such a messed up situation as the Bling Ring.  Oh, how we love to see spoiled rich bitches fall.  But, Emma’s portrayal of her in this teaser looks spot on and makes me, a devoted Harry Potter dork,  so happy to see little Hermione Granger is growing up and evolving as quite a talented actress.  And rolls like this are only gonna seal her fate as a major up and comer for the future.

This teaser also let’s us know that Sofia Coppola is directing, which also gives us a nice glimpse into the films potential.  The Virgin Suicides is one of my all time favs.  So, with Sofia at the helm of another teenage tragedy, I am expecting a big win win with this film.

I, being married to a reality TV addict, had the pleasure of watching Pretty Wild.  A seemingly boring Reality show about a rich spoiled family in Los Angeles who were all beautiful and it pissed me off.  But, my wife and I continued to watch, which is what happens with most of those joins, you just can’t stop.  Then towards the end of the season, the Bling Ring stuff started to unfold and the families perfect existence began to fall apart.  And, this dull reality eye candy show suddenly became one of the most scandalous shows on TV.  E! was definitely shooting the right show at the right time.  And this teaser is exactly what I have been waiting for.

Most of us know what went down with the Bling Ring, so all this teaser needed to do was wet our appetite for a film that would portray that particular event in a very entertaining way.  And, I will say, it wet my appetite masterfully.   Oh, how we love to watch the rich and beautiful fall.