Not another peep.

Now, I am sure there are many of you out there, like myself, who were very skeptical of this Evil Dead remake.  Being a die hard fan of the original 3, I couldn’t help but loath the fact that they were remaking that indie horror masterpiece. Especially when I heard rumors early on the Diablo Cody was going to write it (that thought alone is scarier than any horror film I can think of).  But, when I heard Sam Raimi was involved, I thought that maybe it could have some potential.  Then I saw this trailer.  It was sent to me by my good friend who produced it and the Green Band trailer over at the trailer house Mocean.  I was sold.  Now, he sent it to me before I started this trailer blog, so I figured to honor Evil Dead’s release today I would do a little blog to praise the trailer that gave me full faith in this remake.

There is a fun trick that horror films use, I know because I have used it myself.  The trick is to use fast cutaway flashes of horror, murder, and gore between moments of calm to ramp up the fear factor and give the trailer some nice jump put of your seat moments.  This trailer does that brilliantly.  In fact, I might go ahead and this is one of the best executed horror film trailers that I have ever seen, a bold statement, but true.  The way they use the music hits to bring on the title cards and combining silence and brief bits of dialog to show the characters realizing what is happening some slowly become possessed.  Now, normally I am not a big fan of that many title cards, but it was used as such an effective devise to move the story along and orchestrate the sound design, that I believe this trailer is a wonderful example of an exception to my preconceived notion that too many title cards just means there is not enough story.  Clearly not the case here, this was an effective devise edited exceptionally well.  And then a stop down moment for the blood vomit scene that went on for uncomfortable amount of time… I mean, come on, how awesome is that!

This trailer really gets put in my Hall of Fame because of the back third, after the possessed girl utters, “You’re all going to die tonight”.  Using a pulse sound effect intercut with grunts, groans, screams and little bizarre noises from the possessed girl in the basement, just made me marvel at the editorial brilliance to make something so gross and scary, yet incredibly humorous.  And then, just a stream of chainsaw related blood baths, stabbings and explosions followed by a stop down of the possessed girl singing her happy horrific nursery rhyme “We’re gonna get you.  Not another peep.  Time to go to sleep.”  At this point, I am sold.  But then this trailer adds an exclamation point that is so disturbingly gross that I can’t help but get shivers down my spine and laugh uncontrollable at the same time,  when the girl slices her tongue in half and makes out with one of the other girls, pouring a ridiculous amount of blood into her mouth.  Awesome!

Oh, and the Green band trailer is equally as awesome, just not as bloody.  However, I kind of prefer the bloody.