Wanna fight?

I think I should change this blog from my Trailer Blog to the Mark Woollen and Associates blog, because I keep finding that most of the trailers that I like so much that I feel the need to blog about come from that trailer house.  Damn, they are good.

I’m beginning to see a nice trend in movie trailers with very limited dialog from the main character.  At least in the first trailers.  And, this trailer executes that to perfection.  It starts out with Kristen Scott Thomas (who looks a hell of a lot like Ellen Barkin in her blond wig) describing her pregnancy of the main character played by Ryan Gosling.  Clearly she has birthed a bit of a monster, which comes to fruition when Gosling knocks a man out of his room and proceeds to drag him across the hall by his mouth.  I mean, come on, that Nicolas Winding Refn is seriously some kind of violence genius.  He always seems to find a new way for people to beat up, maim or kill each other, but in such an innovative and tasteful way.  He is quickly beaming my favorite director of this generation.

But, back to the trailer.  At this moment, they begin to tease out the plot that seems to be a battle between an old bad ass swordsman mafia type leader and our stoic anti hero.  All set to the karaoke version of Tur Kue Kam Fun (You Are My Dream).  And over this seemingly happy karaoke love song, we are exposed to the Bangkok underworld of violence and death.  Oh, how I love juxtaposition in trailers. We are not given any specifics about the plot as to why this violence is happening or why these characters are after each other, we are just kind of given a nice character tease to help slowly introduce us into this world and the characters that occupy it.  And, as scary a world this is to occupy, the trailer makes me want to be there an experience it all.  And above all leaves me intrigued as to what is going to happen and what made Ryan Goslings character the way he is.  Is he more the quiet anti hero without a past like in Drive?  Or, is he a man with a past that fuels his need to fight?  The latter, I think, is much more likely due to the subtle touch that we find in this trailer of seeing Goslings hands ball up into fists in almost every situation we see him encounter.  A very clever touch in crafting this trailer, letting us all know that there is something dark brewing in this character

I also like how this trailer used its title cards, morphing from Thai to English to introduce our actors in a very unsubtle neon pink, reminiscent of the sci fi world of many movies from 80s set in Southeast Asian.  Also, a style attributed to Winding Refn, who seems to have a thing for the hot pink 80s nostalgic title cards.  This 80s tribute is also very apparent with the harsh color gel lighting of this film.

The trailer  proceeds to build tension between the two main characters, the Asian boss wreaking havoc, and Gosling just quietly observing right up until the end, when Gosling nonchalantly  speaks his only line in this trailer, “Wanna fight?”  We see the two square off for what can only be seen as a setting for an epic 80s style fight, but with Winding Refn at the helm, you know it is gonna be so much much more than that.  My appetite is officially wet from this masterfully crafted trailer.

For a better quality version of the trailer, go to http://www.markwoollen.com/#/home