We have lift off.

Ok, I initially stated that this blog would be only about critiquing and reviewing the trailers and not the films that the trailers are advertising.  But, for this trailer, I need to break that vow, but only slightly.  This is a very effective trailer with insanely powerful imagery for a huge Shining fan, like myself.  The imagery of a VCR where the infamous elevator should be while rolling accolades (Shining style) letting us know that we film geeks are in for a story that will change the way we view movies, while we eagerly await what we all know will happen with that VCR.  Then, as the accolades finish, we are rewarded with a new version of the epic elevator scene as blood begins to pour out of the VCR.  Awesome VFX job to whoever created that.  Great job.  As a Shining super fan, I loved watching this new version of that one of a kind horror movie image.  And, this imagery would for surely make any fan of Kubrick and The Shining incredibly intrigued to see what this documentary will have in store.

Now, why am I so excited to see this documentary… Well, a few months ago I watched a documentary called Kubrick’s Odyssey on Vimeo (that video has since been taken down).  That documentary told the theory of how Kubrick could have faked the moon landings using 2001: A Space Odyssey technology, and then proceeded to tell us all about it using subtle metaphors and imagery throughout the Shining.  Kubrick was giving us a horror movie, that was in fact unlocking the key to his own real life horror story of holding onto a secret that was too big to carry, while using the blueprint of Stephen King’s novel to do it.   Because he clearly didn’t make the movie of the novel.  But, that will all be explained as well, I am sure.  I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I am hoping that this more main stream documentary tells this fascinating tale.

One thing I should note is that the filmmaker of this other documentary’s theory was not that we never went to the moon, just that we never shot any footage of us being there.

I am not a conspiracy junkie, but I most certainly am a Kubrick junkie, and this is a story that explains a lot about why the man I so admired was the way he was.  This documentary will be a fun one for movie geeks and conspiracy nuts alike.  Even if it is not true, it is still really fun to get lost in these theories.  And, it will unlock things in The Shining that you have never noticed, but will soon realize how blatantly in your face they always were.