Hours could seem like days.

Trailer 3 for the first JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was on of the best action trailers I have ever seen (http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/startrek/hd/).  It had a perfect music track that felt like a beefed up modern Star Trek score.  And it was from one of my favorite trailer music composers Two Steps from Hell (the track name was Freedom Fighters).  It was heartfelt, emotional and action packed.  It didn’t give too much away about the plot (a JJ Abrams specialty), yet felt like a stand alone piece that gave you enough pieces of the film to get you edited about the film as a whole.  However, I have watch that film about 5 or 6 times, but have probably watched that trailer closer to 100.  So, in my opinion, it really veers away from a piece of advertising and falls more into the category of a stand alone piece, much like a music video.  And it still holds up as one of the best trailers out there.

So, because of this, you can imagine my anticipation for the third and final trailer for the new Star Trek film, done by the folks over at AV Squad (http://avsquad1.com/).  Although it is called Trailer 2, including the teaser it is the technically Trailer 3. I have to say, I was not as impressed as I was from the first film’s third trailer, but I was still impressed enough to blog about it.  And it did still strike that brilliant chord between emotion, tragedy, action and revenge that I love about the new Star Trek.  I first want to briefly talk about the music and this trend I have been seeing lately of using well crafted, dare I say pretty, dramatic score for action movies.  As apposed to the heavy drums that I often encounter.  I do love me some trailer music that starts out super dramatic and builds to a energetic montage pace, while still being able to stay in the realm of tragedy to shape how I view the trailer.  The music, although it got amped up in the end, still stayed quite dramatic, allowing my brain to constantly doubt that our heroes could pull this one off.  Great music choice (I am assuming it is score, but can’t say for sure).

This trailer gives us a very nice and simple 2 act structure, setting up our fearless leader Kirk going after super villain in the Kahn tradition (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).  And we believer that trough the first attacks, that Kirk is the man to catch him, until we see Kirk out smarted, when Cumberbatch says “You are a pawn, Kirk.”  At this point, we know that our beloved ship and it’s crew has just met it’s match.  And, when Cumberbatch says, “Now, shall we begin?”  we know that we are in for an epic battle the likes of which Star Trek has never seen.  I would also like to point out that seeing Cumberbatch deliver that line gave me goose bumps.  Holy hell does he look like he will play an amazing villain.

For the second act, we see Kirk and the crew in the battle of their lives.  A brilliantly cut montage shows us glimpses of battle, very few of which show Kirk or the enterprise winning.  The only hint of hope we have for our crew is when Scottie says,  ”The ships dead, sir.  She’s gone,” only to have Kirk respond, in classic fashion, “No she’s not.”  We then see Kirk take his Captain’s seat and watch the Enterprise rise out of the sea into a continuation of the montage of the good guys seemingly getting their asses handed to them.  We don’t know really what is happening, who is winning or have any indication of how it will turn out, but this trailer takes us for  a ride that is nothing short of riveting.  And, as Pike says the final lines of the trailer, we uber Trekkies, like my self, can’t help but feel the same way.  Through all the seeming death and destruction, tragedy and heartache, through everything that the enemy can throw at us… “I believe in you, Jim.”  Well rounded and perfectly executed trailer… Bravo.  I’m pumped!