I’m a bit of a softy sometimes.

When I used to edit trailers, I always got excited when I had the opportunity to work on big epic movies or TV shows to really put my editing skills to the test.  However, it was editing trailers and TV spots for the little love story films that really made me happy.  These trailers separate themselves from other trailers in the fact that they are very dialog driven and their goal is to make you feel something warm and fuzzy in your heart.  And, even the darkest most cynical of us like a little warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts from time to time.  And when you edit these films into trailers, you really have to be fully invested in the story yourself, that way you are able to chop the films up in such a way that will convey all of the hardships and emotions of the journey these characters go on to find or rekindle love.  And if a trailer can make me really want to see a chic flick love story, you have done your job producing a very effective trailer.  Unlike the Valentine’s Day, New Years Gary Marshall film trailer that are just chalked full of celebrities spouting bile rising cliches cut to the most popular song of the moment.  I really don’t like those at all.  I fall more in line with the Cameron Crowe type love story.

The Stuck In Love trailer is one of these trailers that really takes you around the film and gives you a big enough taste that you really feel and understand each of the characters.  The only problem with this is that this trailer does such a good job at showing you all the bits and pieces that you almost don’t even need to see the film.  However, it certainly makes for a very well rounded trailer.

The trailer opens up on Greg Kinnear’s character spying on his beautiful ex-wife played by Jennifer Connelly getting it on with “a younger dumber model”.  So straight off the bat, we are set up to understand that this is going to be a love story about a family that has been broken apart.  From here we are introduced to our family of characters, each going through the life of love in their own unique way.  The daughter is super talented writer, who tends to find comfort in promiscuity, while her brother is a shy awkward kids who has trouble socializing.  The father has a beautiful blonde fuck-buddy played by Kristen Bell, who tries to help him get back in the saddle and find love.  It’s funny, because as I am describing this trailer it seems so cheesy and a little cliche, but overcoming our hangups and weaknesses in the ever so universal search for true love is also what makes this trailer so warm and appealing.  You can’t help but feel for all of these character and hope for the best for all of them.  And, although this trailer progresses we are shown glimpses of hope with touches of tragedy that make it so appealing.

However… as I write this blog and the more I watch the trailer, the more I am realizing it is a little corny.  With the obvious stop downs for the light touches of humor and the silly page wipe transitions that are far overused in an attempt to help hammer home the bits of comedy along the cliched title cards,  this isn’t a stellar trailer, by a craft evaluation.  I guess it just makes me more nostalgic for when I editing Dear John TV spots, while falling in love with my, now, wife and how everything was in perfect harmony.  This trailers are made to make us feel like that.  So, it did it’s job.

This trailer may not be an shining example of greatness in film advertising, but it does make you want to know these people and experience their struggles with life and love and sometimes that is really all we need to see from a trailer to make it be really effective.  That and an effective use of threading dialog that tells a solid story of a family that, I think, people can relate to.  It made me smile.  Like I said, I can sometimes be a bit of a softy.