I’ll make this quick.

For any of us who have seen anything from this movie, whether it a clip or the first awful black and white trailer, we know what a really bad movie going experience we are in for.  So, why am I blogging about a movie that will no question be as terrible as this one?  Because what the super talented folks at Mark Woollen and Associates have done with this trailer is nothing short of amazing.  They made a clearly horrible film look almost watchable.  They made some of the worst acting on screen to date seem decent (not that decent tho, it is pretty terrible acting).  But, by limiting the footage from the movie or just using really quick bits, by using stock footage movie theaters (which may be in the movie, I really don’t know, nor will I ever) and lots of titles to shout out any accolades that may make this movie seem like a winner.  They also kept the dialog floating in space like a VO track, showing very acting on camera while speaking.

The real cherry on top, which made this trailer feel fresh and cool is the track that was used by Brian Randazzo called The Other Other Girl.  I have no idea how they found it.  That is a pretty seemingly obscure track, but that was the perfect find to fit the trailer.  The track is fresh and modern and really allowed for fun flashy editing tricks to help the editor to manipulate the footage, making it feel edgy and interesting.

My hats off to you once again Mark Woollen and Associates.  They took an obvious turd of a film and made the trailer very cool, modern and interesting.  It really takes a talented team to pull that off.  And I know from experience working on a few subpar films myself.  But, I never had the pleasure to work with as talented of a team as they seem to have.  Strong work.  I’m still not gonna see the movie tho.