Vanishing Waves - new HD trailer. from bruno samper on Vimeo.

Great minds…

So, I was doing my usual end of the work day reading up on when I came across a trailer for a Lithuanian film called Vanishing Waves.  And, there was something about it (beyond all the nudity) that just really struck me.  The trailer was cut to Adagio In D Minor by John Murphy from the Sunshine soundtrack (which really is a stellar soundtrack).  I just was just really into this trailer.  But, I’m not gonna blog about that trailer…yet.

So after watching it a couple of times, I went online to search out the best quality version I could find, which is how I usually get the trailers for my blog.  Then I came across this version of the Vanishing Waves trailer.  And I was equally impressed.  The two trailers are very similar, yet also very different.  So, this blog entry is going to be about this version of the trailer.

Now, as well as being a bit of a fantasy buff, I am also really into good sci fi.  Now, I stress good sci fi, because I know a lot of people out there are really into cheese-ball sci fi, I do not fall into that category.  I like smart out the box sci fi.  And this trailer struck that chord immediately.  From the opening visuals we are put into a white room where a man is getting prepared to to do something of the Altered States variety.  He is given a sensory helmet, checked over by a team of doctors and is placed into an isolation chamber.  So, straight away we know he is in for a journey into his mind.

The soundtrack that they are using then shifts from the mysterious deep horns to what I can only describe as chaotic noise leading us into a world of madness.  It sounds like being in the middle of a swarm of angry bees.  Immediately we are shooting through computer graphics sparking on like brain waves being triggered by what is happening to the main character and end up with the main character floating in water, looking different than he did in the lab and he immediately gets out of the water starts running.  Here the imagery of the movie really starts to come at us quickly and with the soundtrack, it is hard not to feel like you are being led into this man’s world of sexual frenzy.  But always involved is one particular woman.  From them rolling around  naked on the ground, to a orgy, and back to the beach where he is chasing, her, it is clear that this is the woman who he is after.

But, soon the trailer takes us back into the lab, where we that this woman is also in the lab and being monitored by the doctors as well, so she is not his fantasy, there minds are actually linking together.  Now the soundtrack adds a high pitch alarm sound to really ramp up the tension, while things start to get rather dark.  From a car accident, to our main character waking up in the lab with blood on his nose,  tearing at a fence with bloodied hands and the girl slicing her tongue with a knife, all while continuously cutting back to him naked and chasing after the girl on the beach.  He finally catches her at the end, but there is no satisfaction, because it is just all in his mind and outside of his mind, she is not awake.

Not one word is spoken through out the trailer.  And, except for the main title, there are no title cards to help guide us as to what is happening, and yet through all of the tension of the soundtrack and visuals that jump from sexual to violent, I am still able to follow everything that they want me to know.  I am able to feel everything that they want me to feel.  I understand that this is a story of a man who gets connected to a woman via linking their minds, and they have a powerful sexual relationship in the world of their dreams, but outside of the dream world, she is not awake.  And, as a result, things start going badly for the main character who has fallen for a woman who cannot wake up in the real world.  Outside of that, judging by the visuals used, this film will take us on one hell of a ride, just like this trailer did.  This will be the first Lithuanian film released in the US and it looks like it is going to be a winner.  And a trailer that need to words and is able to convey so much information, while being a blissful sensory experience is a winner to me.