Compare and contrast.

Disclaimer:  This trailer is a bit cut off at the start, not sure why, but just be aware.

So, I will say that it is a very rare thing that I will blog about 2 different version of what is essentially the same trailer, but in this case I really felt a need to say something about how music can really set the tone and change everything when crafting a trailer.  And this is a very important thing to look for when viewing all trailers or commercials.  I would say 70% of my job is making sure that what I am editing is being done to the right music track or sound design.  It is so important when you want to set a the mood, tone, pace and overall feel of the piece.  And by looking at this trailer compared (or contrasted) from the first one, we can learn a lot about how much the music track effects how we view the trailer.

The first trailer I blogged about gave a more paranoid high tension feel due to the chaotic soundscape that it was edited too.  It made you feel like you where more in a nightmare, trying to attain something that was always out of reach and the pains that went along with it.  This trailer, which is very similar in the scenes that were chosen makes me feel as tho the main character has entered a dream where there are obstacles in the way, but in the prize is beauty and love and worth the fight to get them.  The track used, Adagio In D Minor by John Murphy from the Sunshine soundtrack, allows us as the views to take journey through the tension and struggle, but still feel a sense of hope.  This trailer feels much more like a well composed journey of love.  There is gonna be struggle, pain, sorrow, but there is always a sense of hope that I the first trailer seemed to be lost in the madness of the dreamscape and high tension sound design.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, because this trailer really hits emotion chord with me, as I imagine it would with anyone who has ever loved someone they couldn’t have, or loved someone at all and the struggles that come with that.  But, the other trailer is such an amazing stand alone audio visual piece of art that emotes a completely different emotion of being trapped and struggling to get what you are after.

That, my friends, is the power of an audio track in the world of making trailers.  It’s such an important piece of the puzzle.  It truly has the ability to change everything.  I am so happy I found both of these trailers, so that I could share this with you.